The Fantastic Mr. Rowan Hines & Friends…..


Earlier this year Room 14 hooked up with the creative geniuses over at Tim Marner.

The aim was to let everyone see what goes into being an independent retailer both on and off the shop floor. From waking up and starting our day right through to buying appointments with one of our brands (Thanks Farah!)

The one thing that sets independents apart from the bigger retailers is personality and service. These were two of the key things both Tim and us were keen to promote as a common thread throughout the video. So, head on over to our YouTube channel to watch the video in full. Feel free to share and comment!


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New Arrivals – Saucony Shadow 6000 “Betta” Pack

Saucony Shadow MailchimpThis latest pack from Saucony is a throwback to 1991! The Saucony Shadow 6000 Beta Pack consists of three pairs of vividly coloured sneakers in red, blue and yellow. This silhouette has been a favourite of sneakerheads for years due to its sleek profile and comfortable ride.

The well balanced shoe was popular 24 years ago, and still is today. The pair have engineered stability in the heel to make these shoes very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Each pair is constructed from a combination of suede and leather overlays which give these shoes a real retro feel. The iconic Saucony circular branding features on the side wall of the shoes and a black suede overlay wraps around the entire silhouette. The shoes sit on top of a white midsole and durable black outsole, offering superb traction and grip.


These shoes are a great option for anyone looking for a solid pair of Saucony’s that won’t let you down. The minimal design will appeal to many sneakerheads and would make a classic addition to any collection.

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4 Steps To Online Glory…


When new product arrives on the doorstep the process doesn’t stop at just putting it on the rails. My brands aren’t only for the shop floor but for my website too.

Once delivery is done its time to let the rest of the world know how good my product range is.

If only it were as simple as photographing & listing the items. Oh no my friend I iron, photo, edit then list before anything goes on my website. High standards are a minimum, it’s says everything about you & your business so take note.

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New Kids On The Block – NICCE


Established midway through 2013, young Street wear brand NICCE London has quickly made a name for itself as the new, go-to label for stylish people who want simple no-fuss designs.

Offering a refreshing alternative to the street style scene, NICCE London fuses together clean, print designs with a selection of ready-to-wear tee’s, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories. Boasting the NICCE logo in an array of styles, the brand’s name has fast become synonymous with influential underground scene and has amassed an army of fans who all wants originally designed, quality apparel.

Founded by Mitchel Gavin-Farnol, himself a designer but also rooted in the electronic music scene, the brand naturally emerged from a love of music and fashion, growing from influences taken from Ibiza, Berlin and the East London club scene. Staying true to the brand’s music roots means that some of house music’s best names such as Loco Dice, Ben Pearce, Yousef and Hot Since 82 are already big fans of the brand as are some of the UK’s most well established singers and brands, including Radio 1’s Sound of 2014 star Ella Eyre, Jessie Ware, Bombay Bicycle Club and Chvrches.

Designed in-house by its tight knit creative team based in East London, the NICCE collections consist of Originals, Limited Editions and Seasonal Drops, with each season bigger than the last.

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Room 14 – A Day In The Life Of A Bald Shop Owner…..

Over the years of owning Room 14 I’ve heard them all.

“I’d love to do what you do, you just sit there and chill listening to music…”

“It can’t be that hard, you know, folding t-shirts like…”

“It must be ace sitting there all day drinking brews…”

Thankfully my good friend Jeff (@jeffEdoe) knows I’m a bit of grafter on the QT. So, last Saturday afternoon Jeff set-up his camera and away I went!

Hope you all enjoy watching what really goes on when you’re not on my shop floor 😉


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Adidas Originals: Sole Searching In S.America


By my own admission I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to trainers. I’ll hold my hands up, I’m a loyal Nike guy but when I saw this fantastic Adidas Originals documentary on Carlos Ruiz and his store on the outskirts of Buenos Aires I was blown away. I’ve seen some trainer collections in my time but this guy’s selection is incredible.

If you want to see some of the trainers from the documentary up-close-and-personal, Adidas are taking part in the Design Manchester 14 project. Their “Spezial” exhibition where you can walk through the Adidas archives and experience Adidas history first hand.

Do yourself a favour, sit down with a butty and a brew and watch this documentary if you have a spare 10 minutes because I’m still shaking my head at how lucky the guys from Adidas Originals were to be there in the flesh #trainergeek

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Richard Callender The Fitness Fashionista….


At the start of August, Room 14 were invited by Tim Marner to style fitness expert, TV personality and all round top guy Richard Callender for the latest photo shoot for his website

The brief was simple, over the last 18 years of his career Richard has become more than just a fitness expert. He’s a TV presenter (ITV’s Biggest Loser, This Morning, Sky News, BBC News), award-winning choreographer, fitness brand owner (Armageddon) and a Reebok Brand Ambassador. So, the theme of the shoot was to show all of the sides to Richard that have made him in to the success that he is today.

A couple of weeks prior to the shoot Caroline and myself started to put together story boards on how we could style Richard. We decided to keep the looks clean and simple to balance out Richard’s big personality and Tim’s shot scenes.

In the first scene we simplified the look down to a white Abandon Ship Anchor t-shirt with rolled cuffs, classic straight-leg Religion Riot jeans with a small turn-up and finished with some crisp white Creative Recreation Kaplan trainers. Not just anyone can carry this look off because it’s so clean but with Richard’s body shape and charisma the outfit looked bang-on trend without having to throw the kitchen sink at it. Sometimes for the biggest impact less is more….

Richard Callender
For our second scene it was time to smarten Richard up! Again we kept the look clean and simple but layered things up. As the approach was to have a slightly smarter angle we started with a base layer of the Farah Brewer shirt with a beautiful Anerkjendt Turf knit in burgundy over the top to really show off the contrast between a collared shirt & jumper. The bottom half of the look was kept deliberately light blue to keep the theme fresh but still with a smart/casual vibe too. Humor delivered the goods with their classic “Dukky” jeans teamed with Creative Recreation’s Denim Cesario XVI’s finishing everything off

The third and final scene saw Tim strip everything back so that the sole focus was all on Richard. So for our final look we tried to strike the balance of a directional, on-trend, tick-all-of-the boxes type of outfit that would show off Richard’s physique/silhouette in the best way. There was only one winner for the top half – Religion. Only Religion could make a crew neck t-shirt a fashion piece by adding an asymmetric zip and 3/4 length sleeves. Denim was kept the same with the Humor Light Blue Dukky jeans and we introduced a final pair of Creative Recreation Navy Kaplans to really finish the whole ensemble.RichardC_12313

Yet again we throughly enjoyed being part of another Tim Marner project and Richard was great client to style, professional, good laugh and a real grafter too. All-in-all a cracking job well done :-)


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Room 14 Menswear 2014 Spring/Summer Review



Farah 1As we enter in to our AW14′ collections in the next couple of weeks we thought we’d get the kettle on, brew up and reflect on what has been another successful spring/summer campaign for Room 14 and all of our brands.

Every season we sit down with our creative team and get our heads together on what concepts we can come up with for the coming season and also which is the best way to represent Room 14 as a brand to a broader audience.

So, earlier in the year Room 14 Menswear hooked up with Manchester creative aficionado and good friend Tim Marner and photographic visionary Jay Cain for our Spring/Summer 14′ lookbook.

Shot on location around devastatingly handsome Dovestone Reservoir on the edge of the Peak District National Park, the images reflect how we love to blend emerging and established brands to create a range of ready-to-wear off the peg looks that anyone can get in to and feel comfortable in.


Styled entirely by ourselves we were conscious of finding the right balance of flair and staple pieces between classic heritage brands like Farah Vintage & Fred Perry with the swagger of streetwear brands like Abandon Ship Apparel, Oill, Humor and Cuckoo’s Nest.

With Tim & Jay at the helm we needn’t have worried. They captured the spring collections perfectly from locations through to model arrangement (including our British Bulldog friends!), the results were staggering as you can see.



Even though the weather was colder than it looked, everyone involved were hugely professional and we think it came across in all of the images we’ve used since then for our online presence and our bricks-and-mortar store. Every shot we’ve used and put out through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and fashion blogs have been picked up and “liked” by all of the brands we work with so we’d say all-in-all it’s a bloody good job well done wouldn’t you?JCP-1047

And finally it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t say a huge thank you to our extended Room 14 family who were involved on the day – Caroline Hines (The Boss), Tim Marner (The Creative), Jay Cain (The Snapper), Jennie Thompson (The Organiser), Yaz (The Gentlemen’s Groomer), Shaun (Model – With a tremendous beard), Jordan (Model – who still looked the part even though he was hungover!), Rod (Model – Our French import), Toni & John (Models – Italian Stallions), Wale (Model – Put the “S” in swagger), Denzel, Betty and Daisy (Models – The finest, best-looking British Bulldogs in the land) and finally LB (Little Buddy to his mates and an all round canine legend). Thanks for making the shoot so successful and hope you enjoyed being part of it…

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How Abandon Ship Apparel became a game-changer…

JCP-1061 JCP-1060 JCP-1037

It’s autumn 2012 and I get a call from my good mate Phil about his new fashion agency. After a good old natter about how Phil was getting on in his new venture he mentions to me one of the brands he’s representing, Abandon Ship Apparel. Phil’s seen the brand on one his trips to a trade show and met Abandon Ship’s founders Rich & Dunc.

Phil pitched ASA to me as a new street wear brand based on slightly looser/extended-fit. If I’m honest I was pretty happy with the brand mix I had already but I also like to get out of Room 14 once in a while a to check out product that’s new to the market. I agreed to meet Phil at his showroom in a couple of weeks time. What happened in the following two weeks was bizarre. Every time either Caroline or me looked on a fashion blog or went on Instagram or Twitter, there it was, another musician, dj or actor wearing the now famous Abandon Ship Cross Tee. It was from that moment on we knew that Abandon Ship was really going somewhere……

From our first delivery around Christmas of 2012, ASA just flew out of the door. After 9 years of owning Room 14 we’ve seen quite a few brands start like a house on fire and fizzle out a season or two later but Abandon Ship has bucked that trend (No pun intended).

The designs were current and fresh plus the brand started to introduce a new type of customer to our business. Our guys have always been savvy and in to their product but Abandon Ship took things in a different direction. The emergence of streetwear was becoming more prevalent and our guys were starting to take notice and buy in to the look. Before we knew it the “Room 14” guy was rolling the cuffs of the sleeves of his t-shirt and teaming a slightly over-sized tee with some skinny jeans and wearing either running trainers or a fresh pair of Converse / Superga’s. Without doubt streetwear was taking us to a different level, we had something different that other retailers around simply weren’t offering.

Nearly 18 months on Abandon Ship has established itself as one of our best-selling brands. Having seen the new collection for this summer you guys reading this are going to be in for a treat because the range is stronger than ever. The streetwear vibe is still there and going strong and don’t be surprised to see some Abandon Ship collaborations happening later on in the year.

The success of Abandon Ship Apparel doesn’t happen by fluke. Away from Room 14 the team at ASA have continued to evolve and be innovative in their designs. On the other side Phil has kept their distribution tight within the best independent retailers and influential multiples. Oh, and if you weren’t already aware, Abandon Ship has a freakish-ly loyal fan base. Rich & Dunc (Abandon Ship’s founders) have a massive Instagram/Twitter cult following which allows them to indulge a bit when it comes to testing out new product for their ranges or letting you in on their legendary drinking ability on nights out!

One thing’s for sure we’ve loved being a small part of the Abandon Ship story. To see a brand start with two guys chucking in a few hundred quid together because they couldn’t find product in their area that they liked, to a brand on the cusp of international success is nothing short of incredible.

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Nike Sportswear – Were you ever “that guy”?


I never used to be “that guy” who brand-led. If I liked the look of it and the product made me feel like I looked the part I was happy. But, as social media plays a bigger part in all of our lives, its never been a better time for brands to get their product to market. Slowly but surely the more I saw quality product from brands I started to have my favourites.  One of the best in the business is sportswear giant Nike.

Yes they have huge marketing budgets but you know what? I don’t care, the product is THAT good. Design innovation, product placement, endorsements, price point, Nike just seem to get it right on every level. So much so when I speak to other retailers with Nike accounts their response is that Nike out-sells main rivals Adidas and Puma every day of the week.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram their posts are always the ones that stick out to me because I love the brand. If I was single with no mortgage my Nike collection would be in a lot better shape than it is now!

Never thought you were “that guy” now? After reading this I bet you’re a little bit closer than you were before…..

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