Who Is The Farah Vintage Man?

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Back in the 80’s when I was a kid, my memories of Farah Vintage was my older brother Justin rocking a pair of Farah trousers. Like any little brother I’ve always looked up to Jus so if he was wearing Farah Vintage it was good enough for me.

As I got a little bit older and started to take in my first games at Old Trafford, I remember seeing loads of lads on the terraces in the Stretford End sporting polos and jumpers with the signature “F” logo on their chests. From then on I’ve always followed the brand either as a fan or later on as a retailer in my store and website.

So that kind of brings me round nicely to the question of who is the Farah Vintage Man?

Well, I can only give you my definition based on I’m the guy who buys the Farah Vintage collection for Room 14 through to selling the product to you lovely people on the shop floor.

To me, there are two tribes who wear Farah Vintage. The younger guy is part of the cool crowd. He hangs around with cool people, goes to cool bars, listens to cool bands, has a cute girlfriend and is more likely to hang out at the Coechella Festival than aving’ it’ large in Magaluf.  You’ll see this guy wearing Farah Vintage with some essential skinny jeans, beaten-up Converse, fresh haircut teamed with a perfectly groomed beard.

Then there’s the older, more sophistacted guy. He’s 35+, professional and has probably been into Farah his whole fashion life. He’s honed his Farah look but isn’t shy to add in a new style like a blazer or patterned shirt and teams them with some clean-straight denims and suede brougues.  The older Farah customer (which happens to be me…..) knows he can wear the brand and be fashionable whilst not looking like he’s trying to cling on to his youth or having a mid-life crisis.

That’s why Farah Vintage has such a broad appeal. In my experience there are very few brands that can cover such a broad age-range and still be considered relevant. It’s almost like if someone sees you wearing Farah, you know, that they know, you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. Believe me, there aren’t that many brands you can say that about.

So to wrap-up this question up from start to finish, if you like your clothes to be crisp, stylish, slightly retro, well made and not mainstream, you my friend are a Farah Vintage man.

Shop the Farah Vintage collection here…….

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Room 14 Styles Liverpool’s No.1 Simon Mignolet

Over the last 6 months you will have noticed the work we’ve done with the fantastic Tim Marner. Tim came on board with Room 14 as the creative brains behind the new look Room 14 website and also our last autumn/winter 13′ photoshoot.

As a creative director, Tim has worked with some of the industries best – Harvey Nichols, Adidas, Hermes and Topshop to name a few so it’s been a bit of a coup for us to have him involved at Room 14.

Last week, Tim was on location at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool for one of his clients Hairbond UK to shoot Liverpool FC‘s number one Simon Mignolet. As we’ve styled a couple of shoots for Tim before (we must jave done a good job!), he asked us to style Simon for the Hairbond shoot. Not only were we happy to be involved, styling is an area we’re hoping to move into more & more in 2014 and adding a few more strings to the Room 14 bow.

Here’s a sneaky shot of Tim, Simon and Hairbond supremo Scott Michaels at the Cavern Club. More shots from the shoot will be released early next month so keep your eyes peeled.

Big thanks to Tim Marner, Simon Mignolet and the guys at Hairbond UK for the opportunity to style and look forward to doing more work with you all soon!

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Menswear Insight – January 2014 Issue

From time to time we’re contacted by editors of fashion retail publications to contribute our thoughts on the various issues thrown up by living/breathing/working in the fashion retail sector. It might be our opinion on brands, buying, trading conditions or even what trade shows we’ll be attending this year. We always enjoy putting together some editorial of our thoughts and plans for the future so that the great and the good of fashion and retail know what Room 14 are up to.

In January’s edition of Menswear Insight we give our thoughts on Christmas trading conditions, marketing strategies and also our hopes for the forthcoming Spring/Summer 14′ season. And there you were thinking we just sit around drinking tea, talking football and selling the odd t-shirt all day! Sheeesh!!

We’d like to thank the guys over at Menswear Insight for giving us the platform for us to air our views and be heard as a small independent to other figures in the industry.

2013 was about finding and working with some fantastic brands and even better people so that you guys could buy into product that was better than the mundane stuff that was on the high street. So what will 2014 hold? We’re keeping schtum for now but as the old saying goes…”Stay tuned folks…”

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New Brand Alert : Creative Recreation Footwear

Now it’s not often we blog about a delivery that hasn’t arrived yet but because the product from this brand is so damn strong we thought we’d break from tradition and introduce you to Creative Recreation footwear.

Creative Recreation have been around since 2002 and was originally created because the founders weren’t happy with what the industry had to offer. Although Creative Recreation trainers are based around the comfort and design of athletic trainers, the founders wanted them to double up as more of a dress shoe and so the hybrid was born.

Now, 11 years on Creative Recreation footwear is now seen on the most famous of celebrities and footballers alike such as Kanye West, Nas, Justin Timberlake, Cristiano Ronaldo & Mesut Ozil so it’s fair to say Creative Recreation are pretty hot right now….

Arriving on the Room 14 shopfloor and online this week, make sure you get your slice of the ultimate lifestyle footwear brand that is Creative Recreation.

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Manchester United’s “Class Of 92′ ” to hit the big screen….

If you’ve ever entered the doors of Room 14, you’ll know, and have probably experienced the constant football chat we have on the shop floor. Now, we don’t usually do film reviews but we felt we had to make an exception when we heard about this little belter….

Manchester United’s famous class of ’92 has been immortalised on film.

Six of Sir Alex Ferguson’s fledglings, who would graduate from the youth team and launch glittering careers at Old Trafford , will star in a movie which will be released in December.

Titled The Class of ’92 it chronicles the rises of David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Phil and Gary Neville.

Starting in 1992 it charts a remarkable period to 1999 that saw each establish themselves in some of United’s greatest ever squads – and eventually lift the European Cup.

As well as interviews with each player other famous names including Reds’ legend Eric Cantona, United-mad Stone Roses bassist Mani and Olympic Opening Ceremony king Danny Boyle.

The film debuts on December 2nd at selected cinemas and will be available the following day on DVD. Not sure the missus is going to want to come with me but hey, what do girls know about football anyway??

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Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience Part 2

Fresh off the back of the first-half of his hugely successful 20/20 Experience, you may have noticed JT doing a fair few live gigs in the UK to promote the 2nd half of 20/20. Last week he performed on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge (Check the link) and it’s fair to say he’s got more talent in his little finger than most of us mere mortals. He sings, dances, acts, is half decent looking and funny (Are we developing a man crush here?…..) To top all that he’s collaborated with music’s biggest stars and has just confirmed he’ll be working on super-cool Pharrell’s new upcoming LP. Justin, where did it all go wrong son? #mancrush #JT

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Ready For Our Close Up?


Never wanting to stand still we have decided it is time to freshen up all things Room 14.  Yeah people say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but to be quite honest we don’t want to get stuck in a rut and become predictable.

Over the next few months you will see a few tweaks – nothing major but nice little new things such as a slightly tweaked logo, fresher looking website etc.

The first task was to show people the face behind the Room 14 Menswear brand so we called upon our good friend Art Director Tim Marner and super talented photographer Jay Cain to help. We are not a huge operation there is simply me and my wife Caroline running the show, but lets face it she is the brains and I am the poster boy and I do all the manual work:-)

Here is a sneak peek at some of the shots. We will be following this up with a blog post about the ‘Face behind the name’



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Abandon Ship – Manchester Pop-Up Store Video

Sometimes when we start with a new brand it can take a season or two for them to bed-in before we know if we’re going to do well with them. In Abandon Ship‘s case none of the usual Room 14 rules applied. From our first drop back in October 2012, Abandon Ship flew out of the door and has never stopped since. Abandon Ship has been our best selling brand over the last 6 months and there’s more top qaulity product to come soon. In this minefield we call fashion, many brands come and go so it’s refreshing to see an emerging brand like Abandon Ship hold their own and improve season after season. So much so the boys are now stocked in some of the finest retailers in the land (including Room 14 of course….)

We caught up with the boys for a beer a couple of weeks ago for their Manchester pop-up store opening. It was great to finally meet the guys in the flesh and we can safely say they’re not getting carried away with their hard-earnt success and are bona-fide top lads! For some cool footage from the night check the link to the video below and you might see a couple of people you might know, hmmmm #goodtimes



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Vans Waxed Canvas Camo/Marshmallow Authentic

Coveted by some of menswear fashion’s most respected style blogs, Vans have produced a very special version of the iconic Authentic low-top. The Vans Authentic is seemingly the perfect canvas for a camouflage motif thanks to its simple and classic design. Thus, Vans have introduced a bang on-trend camo version of its beloved low-top for Summer 2013. Featuring waxed canvas construction, the kicks see a traditional camo motif throughout the upper while a gum rubber outsole, white rubber foxing, metal eyelets and taslan laces are all present to complete the package.  Can’t wait to get your mucky hands on em? The Vans Authentic Waxed Canvas “Camouflage” is now available in-store and online – http://www.room14menswear.co.uk/cat-vans-footwear.php

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Steal His Style – Tinie Tempah


It’s fair to say Tinie Tempah has had a pretty meteoric rise to fame in the last  2-and-a-half years. Up until October 2010 he was a relative unknown until his debut album Disc-Overy went to number 1 in the UK album charts. Tinie has since gone on to win numerous MOBO’s  and Brit Awards for his music but most noteably he was also GQ’s best dressed man for 2012.

Here’s a man who knows how to dress to his image. Always self-styled, he’s happy dressing down a suit with trainers on the red carpet and still be the best-dressed at the event. More casually, Tinie wears the best streetwear on offer whether it be a graphic tee underneath a denim shirt or a print sweatshirt tied in with some slim-fit jeans or chinos. His style is a twist on urban tradition effortlessly combining the playboy & geek looks with the addition of his big framed specs, which he is never seen without.

Footwear is also a big thing for Tinie. He’s a huge Nike fan and is rarely snapped without a pair of  Air Jordans on his feet. When he does step away from his beloved Nike, Tinie often sways towards the classics, Converse and Vans. Clean, canvas footwear can be worn with anything – shorts, chinos, denim right through to high-end tailoring as Tinie demonstrates here…..

With his clothing line Disturbing London starting to crop up in some of the UK’s finest retailers, not only is Tinie the darling of the urban music industry he’s doing the same with fashion too. It seems the talented Mr. Tempah can turn his hand to anything and be successful so what next? If his clothing range is as successful as his music career, Tinie could be around for some years to come……

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